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Fahad Al Tamimi will host a prestigious dinner in London to support radiation therapy research

  • April 19, 2016


Fahad Al Tamimi is hosting a dinner event to help support cancer research and, specifically, further investigations in the area of radiation therapy.

Prominent business leader Fahad Al Tamimi is organising a significant dinner event next week in London and the theme of the evening has just been announced: ‘Reactivating a Patient’s Immune System to Eradicate Cancer’. The occasion will help support further research in the area of radiation therapy.

Fahad Al Tamimi will be joined by a selection of notable guests who will have the opportunity to meet one of the world’s leading researchers in this space. Dr James Welsh, who is currently based at the University of Texas in America, will share his views on the latest developments in this essential field of medical study.

Dr Welsh will provide fascinating insights and share his views on the latest findings in this crucial area of healthcare. The discussion will offer an overview but also provide more specific detail regarding strategies for combining immunotherapy with radiation for anticancer therapy.

Dr Welsh has spent a significant amount of time researching radiation therapy. He has won many awards during his career and is currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Radiation Oncology at the University of Texas.

Those invited to the prestigious gathering will arrive to a cocktail reception and this will be followed by a formal dinner. Once guests have been seated, Fahad Al Tamimi will invite Dr Welsh to share his thoughts and discuss his latest discoveries. Invitees will then have the opportunity to deliberate the topic with Dr Welsh, before relaxing to enjoy an evening of entertainment.

Fahad Al Tamimi is passionate about supporting cancer research and this area forms a fundamental part of his philanthropic activity. Fahad Al Tamimi has dedicated many years to supporting the advances in cancer research and he is particularly interested in the various treatment programmes.

Fahad also shares further common ground with Dr Welsh through his experience of Texas. He received a Master of Science Degree in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Houston. After completing his studies, Fahad Al Tamimi began his impressive career. He gained an outstanding reputation for successfully leading many of Saudi Arabia’s biggest infrastructure projects in the areas of energy, mining and transportation.

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Petrocon Arabia Reports a 202 Percent Growth

  • January 9, 2013


El-Khobar based company Petrocon Ltd was listed among the top 25 fastest growing companies of 2010, with 202 percent overall growth within five years. The average annual profit during the period between 2004 and 2008 has been reported at an estimated SAR200 million (approximately USD53 million).

The Saudi energy engineering company is the second to reach the rankings for co-owner Fahad Al-Tamimi. Petrocon Ltd was positioned at number 25 and WorleyParsons Arabia Ltd at number one with growth of over 4,358 percent.

To be included on the ‘100 Fastest Growing Saudi Companies’ list is not only recognition for achieving the biggest percentage increase in annual income over a five-year period; it also celebrates these companies and their contribution to the Saudi economy. All of these companies have been responsible for creating more jobs, both short-term and long term, as well as being able to continue to give generously to charitable causes.

In 2006 Petrocon Arabia were announced as the front-end engineers who were to lead the design and project management of the latest Saudi Arabia and Bahrain crude pipeline installation. This new pipeline will allow for 350,000 barrels of crude oil to be supplied daily from the central processing and blending facility at Abqaiq.

Petrocon Arabia Ltd had been shortlisted to provide their services to energy giant Saudi Aramco, who released their plans to build a larger gas plant in Shaybah, Riyadh, part of the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. This would increase their output capacity by 7.2 billion cubic feet of energy per day. The Shaybah field, in the Rub al-Khali, will not be 100 percent complete and at capacity to produce these levels of gas until 2033. In 2009 it was announced that Petrocon Arabia Ltd beat US company Jacobs, Zamel & Turbag Consulting in their bid for this contract.

The company was also selected by Aramco as part of their shorter-term development plans, totalling billions of USD worth of energy projects. Aramco approached both local and international engineering companies to form their General Engineering Services (GES) contractors to manage these projects, following approvals from the Petroleum & Mineral Resources Ministry and the Supreme Petroleum Council.

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Al Khobar Based Company WorleyParsons Arabia Ltd Reported Substantial Growth Figures Over a Five Year Period

  • December 28, 2012

The company during this time was owned by Saudi businessman Fahad Al-Tamimi,who reported growth of 4358 percent over a five year period. On average the annual income was reported at SAR500,000 (approximately USD133 million); these figures put WorleyParsons Arabia Ltd at the top of the 2010 list of ‘100 Fastest Growing Companies’, 2592 percent ahead of the second fastest growing company Fall Stop.

Companies listed on the fastest growing list are recognised not only for their astonishing growth within the market, but also for their contribution to the social and charitable causes. The companies who top this prestigious poll are noted for having given priority to the business impact on society; providing jobs, strengthening the economy and encouraging other businesses to operate to international standards. The ‘Fastest Growing Business’ list also highlights a new generation of businesses who are creating employment opportunities and helping to drive development and growth within Saudi Arabia. Under the management of Fahad Al-Tamimi, the founder of TIMCO, WorleyParsons Arabia Ltd managed multiple high profile companies as part of their portfolio, with contracts worth up to $5billion, including the phosphate program for Ma’aden.

In 2003 WorleyParsons Arabia Ltd won a lucrative contract with Saudi Aramco, the world’s largest crude oil manufacturers. This partnership was worth over $30 million annually for WorleyParsons Arabia Ltd, as Saudi Aramco are the world’s largest supplier, manufacturer, and distributer of crude oil; meeting the global demand for natural gas and petroleum products.

WorleyParsons Arabia Ltd were contracted to provide engineering and management services for their offshore oil and gas facilities based in Saudi Arabia.

In 2006 Saudi Arabian mining company Ma’aden contracted WorleyParsons Arabia Ltd to provide engineering provisions and project management services for the development of the Phosphate mine located in Al-Jalamid. This development project provided over 8,000 construction jobs, as well as ongoing employment opportunities upon completion. The Al-Jalamid mine is the world’s largest producer of Diammonium Phosphate (DAP), with an output of over 3 million tons per annum, 10 percent of all global DAP production.

This level of growth was of crucial to the Saudi economy at that time. The rapid growth of WorleyParsons Arabia Ltd meant that employee demand was high, helping to avoid any unemployment crisis in Al Khobar and the neighbouring cities.

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Fahad Al Tamimi visits the newly renovated Noto stadium

  • November 28, 2012


Fahad Al Tamimi has visited the town of Noto and its newly restored football stadium. During his visit, the Saudi Businessman spoke to the Mayor of Noto, Corrado Bonfanti and later attended the ‘Thousand and One Nights’ ceremony.


Fahad Al Tamimi is the owner of TIMCO and sponsors the football club, U.S.D. Noto Calcio.He returned to Noto as a special guest at the ceremony, which was hosted in the Oval room (also known as the Hall of Mirrors) at the Basilica of St. Nicholas.

Mr Al Tamimi commented, “It is my pleasure to be here today with the Mayor of Noto, Corrado Bonfanti and the true fans of the Noto club. I am very pleased with all the progress of the restoration and I am delighted to be a part of this change. I look forward to continuing my relationship with the team, and I hope that together we will achieve our ambitious goals. Thank you for all your kindness and hospitality.” The ceremony is held every year in order to celebrate the club’s history within Italian football and its growing popularity.


Fahad Al Tamimi and his wife Lema arrived at the ceremony in a diplomatic car and were greeted on the staircase of the Palazzo Ducezio by Chairman Musso and his wife Lucia. Apart from Mr Al Tamimi and Mr Bonfranti, the ceremony was also attended by the club’s Vice President John Monaca and club’s Chairman Giovanni Musso. Other management and staff from the club were also present, including the players and their families.


Mr Al Tamimi first visited Noto in 2006 and since this time the stadium renovations have been completed. The increase in visitors has meant that local business owners have seen growth in trade, which is projected to continue.The football team has also made strong progress; in less than four years since the TIMCO sponsorship, U.S.D. Noto Calcio have been promoted twice through the Italian football league and are currently in Serie D.

During his address, Mayor Bonfanti referenced the support from TIMCO, “In 2006 we welcomed Mr. Fahad Tamimi into our Noto family. The Cathedral was in disrepair and in the midst of reconstruction, in fact much of the city was still facing a number of restructuring projects, most incomplete. Today, we are able to stand here, in this wonderful and unique city.”


He continued to highlight the impact of the club’s success on the city’s economy: “I wish every success to our Noto team, and look forward to the continuing partnership between Chairman Musso and Mr Tamimi, who together strive to realise their goals with regard to our city’s football club. TIMCO will help support the team through their most important stages of Noto’s Italian football career.”

The football stadium and their success within the league will further boost the tourism of Noto, helping to support local businesses and strengthen its economy. Mayor Bonfanti continued, “Sincere and heartfelt thanks to Mr Fahad Al Tamimi who believed and continues to believe in Noto. Thank you for what you have done, and I look forward to continue working with you.”


The speeches were concluded with a warm round of applause, followed by the choir, wearing garnet coloured robes in honour of U.S.D Noto, singing as the Mayor left the stage.

About U.S.D Noto Calcio

Unione Sportiva Dilettantistica Noto Calcio (U.S.D Noto Calcio) is a football club based in Noto, Sicily.

They play in Serie D of the Italian Championship and are managed by Giancarlo Betta. Visit .




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