Fahad Al Tamimi will host a prestigious dinner in London to support radiation therapy research

  • April 19, 2016


Fahad Al Tamimi is hosting a dinner event to help support cancer research and, specifically, further investigations in the area of radiation therapy.

Prominent business leader Fahad Al Tamimi is organising a significant dinner event next week in London and the theme of the evening has just been announced: ‘Reactivating a Patient’s Immune System to Eradicate Cancer’. The occasion will help support further research in the area of radiation therapy.

Fahad Al Tamimi will be joined by a selection of notable guests who will have the opportunity to meet one of the world’s leading researchers in this space. Dr James Welsh, who is currently based at the University of Texas in America, will share his views on the latest developments in this essential field of medical study.

Dr Welsh will provide fascinating insights and share his views on the latest findings in this crucial area of healthcare. The discussion will offer an overview but also provide more specific detail regarding strategies for combining immunotherapy with radiation for anticancer therapy.

Dr Welsh has spent a significant amount of time researching radiation therapy. He has won many awards during his career and is currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Radiation Oncology at the University of Texas.

Those invited to the prestigious gathering will arrive to a cocktail reception and this will be followed by a formal dinner. Once guests have been seated, Fahad Al Tamimi will invite Dr Welsh to share his thoughts and discuss his latest discoveries. Invitees will then have the opportunity to deliberate the topic with Dr Welsh, before relaxing to enjoy an evening of entertainment.

Fahad Al Tamimi is passionate about supporting cancer research and this area forms a fundamental part of his philanthropic activity. Fahad Al Tamimi has dedicated many years to supporting the advances in cancer research and he is particularly interested in the various treatment programmes.

Fahad also shares further common ground with Dr Welsh through his experience of Texas. He received a Master of Science Degree in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Houston. After completing his studies, Fahad Al Tamimi began his impressive career. He gained an outstanding reputation for successfully leading many of Saudi Arabia’s biggest infrastructure projects in the areas of energy, mining and transportation.