As a successful businessman, Mr Al Tamimi is also a dedicated philanthropist and is actively engaged in supporting several charities, about which he feels passionately. For example, Fahad Al Tamimi has funded several vital research projects into lung cancer for the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center.

Under his leadership, Fahad Al Tamimi’s companies offer prestigious student mentor and internship programmes to enable talented pupils to gain vital work experience in their chosen fields of expertise.

Fahad Al Timimi is a main sponsor for the Prince of Wales’ Prince’s Initiative for Mature Enterprise (PRIME) which aims to support unemployed people over-50 in starting up and developing their own businesses.

Fahad Al-Tamimi is also a keen sports fan and is the official sponsor of U.S.D. Noto, an Italian football club based in Sicily. Through his generous sponsorship the club has completely revamped and renovated its stadium in Contrada Zupparda.